Hammer thrower Betty Heidler subsequently receives the silver medal at the London Olympics instead of her bronze medal, which she won in a dramatic competition. The Russian Olympic champion Tatyana Lysenko was disqualified for doping.Subsequent new medal color joy and sorrowBetty Heidler comments on her subsequent change to the medal color: “On the one hand, […]
The July/August edition of the Running magazine reports about the liquid multivitamin-/mineral supplement ALP SPORT. Based on the high concentration of ingredients including vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to support immune systeme, energy metabolism and athletic performance ALP SPORT is recommended in particular for runners with high training loads.Find the full article (in German language) here:
The leading publisher for product development and food ingredients information NutritionInsight talked with Dr. Oliver Schnorr about the future development of the sportsnutrition market and the unique features of the liquid food supplement for athletes ALP SPORT.http://www.nutritioninsight.com/news/alp-nutrition-debuts-sports-liquid-supplement-in-the-us.html
Originally ALP SPORT® was developed for elite class athletes, who prefer to cover their increased demand for micronutrients in liquid form compared to tablets or capsules. The spot was recorded at the Olympic stadium in Berlin and in the Olympic park in Munich showing Betty Heidler, winner of the athletics world championships in female hammer […]