ALP NUTRITION starts product distribution in Asia



ALP NUTRITION´s product line of liquid supplements for sports, health and lifestyle will be distributed by ALP NUTRITION ASIA based in Singapore starting in September. The sales launch will take place at “Vitafoods Asia” trade fair in Singapore, with managing director Dr. Oliver Schnorr participating. “We are very excited about the start in Asia, as our products are characterized by a number of features that make them predestined for the Asian market. In particular, our plant extract ALP PHYTO, which is manufactured from different herbs, grown under certified conditions in the Swiss Alps, and included as a key ingredient in each of our products has already great interest generated as medical herbs and plants have a long tradition and major importance in Asian diets, traditional medicine and lifestyle.“

Product distribution will be achieved by various online channels, e.g. the e-commerce portal, market leader in Southeast Asia and supplying the 500 million people population in the region. Additionally, various chain stores and trade partners will be established.

ALP NUTRITION attend trade fair „Vitafoods Asia“ in Singapore

ALP NUTRITION attend trade fair „Vitafoods Asia“ in Singapore